New Food – Opol

I took a walk through a grocery store that promised food from all cuisines and cultures. Row upon row of food I had no idea how to cook. I would stand in the aisle and look up the food on my phone and see if anything jumped out at me as something fun to try.

And then I see this: Opol.


When I looked it up, I didn’t find the multitude of sites telling me how to peel, cook and eat it. No, I just found one – from a lady who blogs about new foods she eats and how she saw an opol at a grocery store and couldn’t find any recipes for it.

But further research says that it might be called a calabash or a bottle gourd or a opo squash.

I have no idea what it is really called except the grocery store called it an opol and I guess I trust them.

So I finally figured out that it was fairly edible – whether raw or cooked and that the seeds weren’t a problem either.


First I cut off a piece and ate it raw. To me, it tasted like cucumber and I have always liked cucumbers, so that was good.

I sautéed it in olive oil with potatoes and onions and added several spices.


When it was cooked, I mixed in some ground beef.


The crunch of the opol/bottle gourd/calabash/opo squash mixed well with the softer texture of the potatoes. My concoction was actually quite tasty and even though I’m not exactly sure what I was eating, it was a good dinner.

I will give it a 7 out of 10.

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