The Bridge of Madison County

DSC_0100I’ve done the bridges of Madison County before – not because I like the movie, but because I was visiting Kayla who lives in Des Moines and we were looking for something to do … and we like covered bridges.

This time, we got off the road mostly to find a restroom and we saw they had a visitor’s center … and a bridge! I had totally forgotten there was a bridge in that town.

The visitor’s center was in an old church with slanting floors, stained-glass windows with the bridge incorporated into the glass —  and walls and tables full of antiques. We were greeted by a lady who was friendly and informative about the town and about the church and about how John Wayne’s birthplace was right down the road. (You get off at the tiny village of St. Charles – his birthplace is in Winterset or something like that – I couldn’t figure out where St. Charles ended and Winterset began.)

She then directed us to the church basement which I thought smelled like our first church in Michigan – not a bad smell; a church-basement smell. (That’s where the restroom was located.)

We probably could’ve talked to her all day, but needed to get going so we headed out of town again, stopping at the Imes bridge. (This is the oldest of the remaining original bridges – arsonists burned one down.)

We got out and took some pictures and were on our way – a quick, but enjoyable stop.


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