New Food – Longan

IMG_7987Some new, experimental foods I’ve been eyeing since the beginning of the year when I first started this new-food adventure  – this one I never saw before last Saturday when I spotted it in my local ethnic grocery.

The longan tree is grown mostly in southern China and does well at a slightly high elevation. And since 1798, it is has also been grown in India – in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Longan is considered a superfood high in vitamin C and potassium – in case you decide to have some for lunch.

When peeled, the longan looks like eyeballs which is why it is also called Dragon Eyes.

So, I bought it.

I peeled it.

I ate it.

The fruit is sweet and easy on the taste-buds. My best comparison is to the grape, although it’s different in that it has a hard shell and a rather large pit. The consistency of the fruit, itself, however, is very grape like.

I give it a six out of 10.







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