Garden of the Gods – Part 2

We drove from the Visitor’s Center to the trails. Again, we were early, got a parking spot, but the parking area was filling up and already a lot of people were there.

The description of the center says “Imagine the formations against snowcapped mountains and brilliant blue sky.” The day we were there, we really did have to imagine that. The snow might have still been in the ridges and creek beds of  the mountains, but not visible enough for us to see many miles away and the “brilliant blue sky” was more like a basement-floor gray. So the formations didn’t show up as well as they might’ve on a sunny day, but the walk was still good. As we continued, more and more people arrived. Then again – it was a Saturday in mid-July. What did we expect?

By the time we got to the Balance Rock, so many people were around taking pictures of other people pretending to hold up the rock, I couldn’t get a good view. But did the best I could without someone’s hand and phone in the shot.


Ok – we’ll remember that!


I like this tree and this picture.


What I could get of the balance rock.




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