A Quiet Place

The Castle

I knew about the Navigators and I also had heard that they had a beautiful conference grounds, but I never thought much about it. Then a few years back during the Waldo Fire out in Colorado Springs, their conference grounds at Glen Eyrie was in the news – with the fire getting a little too close for comfort.

So when Roger pointed at a road and said that was where Glen Eyrie was located, I asked if we could drive down and see it.

The place totally lived up to the reputation.

The focal point at Glen Eyrie is the English Tudor-castle. Back in 1871 General William Jackson (the man who founded Colorado Springs) built a large house for his wife Queen and their three daughters. Queen, herself, was credited with opening the first public school in the city.

But then Queen had a heart attack and her doctor told her to move to a lower altitude so she and the girls went back East and then to England.  The General visited when he could.

But when Queen died at age 41, the General took his three daughters back to CS, tore down the big house and built the castle in honor of his wife.  The Glen Eyrie Castle is on the National Register of Historic places.

Navigators got the property in 1953 – and now host more than a 100 conferences a year. Roger showed us just how close the fire had come – just yards away.

The Carriage House houses a bookstore and small cafe. The cafe sandwiches were extremely good – and everything was made from scratch. My iced tea was brewed and cooled as I waited and every single cucumber on my sandwich was carefully cut. But we weren’t in a hurry and lunch in the courtyard was relaxing and enjoyable.

I didn’t realize how close Glen Eyrie is to Garden of the gods.


My brother walking to the Carriage House
Bookstore and cafe
Diligently prepared hotdog.




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