New Food (Drink) – Water from Manitou Springs

DSC_0239.jpgIf you’re wondering why Colorado Springs is called Colorado Springs, it’s because of Manitou Springs.

Melting snow and rain from Pikes Peak and surrounding mountains soak into the rocks as the water flows downward.

Which means that there are eight springs in Manitou Springs – which supposedly have great healing powers and each one tasting different from the others.

People line up to get their drinking water from the springs because of its health benefits.

But why? Does it taste any different from any other water?

The town with its narrow hilly streets were packed on this Saturday afternoon. So Roger stopped the car, gave me his empty Pepsi bottle and I ran back to the Wheeler Spring.

A lady was there chatting with a group of people, obviously a tour guide who was finishing up what I can only imagine was a tour of the springs (which I had read were available). I waited patiently and was finally able to get some of the water in the bottle.

Interestingly, it has a touch of carbonation in it – but I didn’t really like it. Nor did Barb.

So I will give it a 2 out of 10 for the water’s uniqueness and I haven’t gotten sick since I tasted it, but I’m not sure I would credit the spring.

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