Goldfield, Colorado

The second morning we were in Colorado Springs, we headed up a mountain to Goldfield, an abandoned … gold mine. The town was built in 1895 and within five years, 3500 people lived there. Actually people still live there – one description I read said the population is 49 which I thought was kind of funny since the forty-niners is a nickname for the men who rushed to find gold in California (not Colorado), so it has nothing to do with each other … still I thought it was funny that 49 people are left in this gold-mining town and yes, I know this is a run-on sentence.

Anyhow, the trail through the abandoned mine was beautiful!  Unfortunately, it is all to be destroyed because the guess is that there is still gold in them that hills and with new technology, they can find it. So I’m glad we got to go when we did.

Here’s a staggering statistic – $30,000,000 worth of gold came out of the mine by 1911.

Alas … we found no gold, but we did get some beautiful pictures.

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