New Food – Pumpkin-tomato Soup

I was a little concerned this week – I didn’t have a new food. I’ve done one each week all year, but this week got away from me.

However, I have been rescued!

The tearoom – you truly need reservations.

Today I met some ladies at Emerson Creek Pottery and Tearoom for lunch. This is a farm that you get to by driving down a long, gravelly road – surrounded by subdivisions. But when you get to the actual place, you feel as if you’re in the country in spite of the rooftops in the distance.

The wedding venue which was bustling with activity today as they were setting up for a wedding.

The complex consists of the tearoom, a huge venue for weddings and other events and a shop. On this beautiful September Saturday, they were preparing for a wedding and the barn was beautifully decorated in shabby chic.

We were seated on the “porch,” except it wasn’t really a porch – the porch was outside – we were enclosed in a small room off the porch – but not the main dining room where  I sat last time I was there.

And on the menu was pumpkin-tomato soup. Normally I wouldn’t have ordered the soup, but it was something I had never had before. Several of the other ladies ordered it too.


The soup was thick – like a puree rather than soupy soup. The color certainly looked pumpkin-like, but the taste was definitely tomato. They served big bowls … and I think just one of us finished it. The taste was ok, but I think I’d give it a 4 out of a 10. However, my turkey sandwich with cranberry-creamcheese dressing was delicious.  I don’t think the soup was bad – I think you just needed a taste for it, which I guess I didn’t have. (But I did get a new food out of it.)

Later we went over to the shop which was full of signs and candles and cookbooks and capes and … pumpkins.


The afternoon was so gorgeously pleasant, we ended with a walk to the pond.


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