A Quick Trip West

Sometimes my trips are so quick I feel like I haven’t even been anywhere. This weekend was one of those times.

Last Friday I left early to get to the airport … for the long flight to San Francisco. BTW San Francisco is a greater distance away than any other large U.S. city in the lower 48. Yes, even further than Los Angeles.

So after getting my car from a more complicated than usual car rental place, I headed north, through the city, pass Fisherman’s Wharf, pass the painted ladies (the ones you always see on TV) but I had no opportunity to stop for pictures – I had a long way to go and didn’t have time to look for a parking place.

But on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, I did stop at the viewing place. The place was jammed with tourists and wind whipped across the bay. I then did the long trek north to Santa Rosa – bumper to bumper the entire 50 some miles.

Saturday was the conference … good leaders, good response, good encouragement.

And then Sunday I left at 6:00 a.m. to start the long ride home. Traffic was good until the Golden Gate when all lanes (both ways) of traffic were stopped so that 100 or so old cars could go by.

Otherwise I went a different way through the city, pass many more painted ladies, but not quite the decorative ones that are by the bay and featured on Full House.

I made it home 13 hours later, came in the house and collapsed.

Overlooking the bay. Alcatraz in the middle of the picture – the city in the background.
Bridge as I’m heading north.
What was waiting for me at the place I stayed on Saturday night.
Sunset over Santa Rosa.
Bridge on Sunday morning.


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