New Food – a Bunch of Snacks

New foods are exciting – especially when you’re not real sure exactly what that new food is … like when all the packing is in Japanese.  Thanks to my daughter-in-law, Cindy, for providing us with this intriguing treat.

Mallory quickly looked up a Japanese translator site and set to figuring out what we were eating. (And if anyone reading this knows Japanese, feel free to correct our translation.) From our calculations, the label said something about seas and the little guys at the bottom are pirates.

The first thing we tried was a piece of marshmallow candy which tasted like artificial marshmallow candy – in contrast to REAL marshmallow candy.  (Don’t even think about it.)  Mallory gave it a 4. I gave it a 2.DSC_0253Another package had a single piece of hard candy. The wrapping said lemon cola, so I tasted it and it tasted like …  lemon cola – so I said 5.


Packet #4 was a myriad of little crystal-type candy, sort of hardened sugar – but we gave it a 5.


Then there was the gum – which we didn’t taste. Mal decided to give that to her siblings.


But then things got a little strange. We thought we were eating a bag of candy, but obviously we weren’t . Next was a little packet of crouton-type things that tasted like rice cakes. They came with a container of jam. We kind of liked these. Mallory gave them  seven out of 10.


Our last packages had bread sticks which were kind of spicy. They were crispy and reminded is of cheetos, but not as good.


Even though Mallory was translating this all – she wanted me to say that it was a loose translation.

And this was the gift that kept on giving … we kept all the wrappings and Mallory took them to school.

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