The Dole Plantation

We headed up the North Shore of Oahu and stopped at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. The Plantation has several activities, but we chose to enjoy the garden, see some of the many pineapple plants, and then enjoyed some Dole Whip.

So as I was walking through the parking lot, I had an interesting thought. You know how when you do the license plate game, you always have trouble getting Hawaii? I remember the first time I found an Hawaii plate. We were camping at Crater Lake and Dad and I were walking through the campsites and I saw an Hawaii car. I was maybe 10 or so and very excited. Dad walked up to the family who owned the car and we talked to them for awhile. Well, if you’re playing the game in Hawaii – it’s hard to find anything BUT Hawaii plates – though we did see one car from Ohio.

Back to the Dole Plantation.


The place was definitely colorful!


Notice the varied colors of the pineapples.
DSC_0516 2
Liked the purple on this one.


DSC_0533 2
Chocolate trees! What’s better than that?
More colors!
And still more …
More birds:this is a Japanese white eye.(メジロ, 白) However, although I distinctly saw his white-rimmed eye, he hid when I took his picture. Like all the new birds I have posted – this one is an alien species to Hawaii. He comes from (drumroll) Japan!
And another bird who is not supposed to be in Hawaii – but came over from Southeast Asia – the red-vented bulbul. He’s especially not liked because the bulbuls ruin fruit crops so I don’t think the Dole Plantation is the best place for it to hang out, but he was hanging.
Remember I said that Hawaii has a smell? Well, Hawaii also has a sound. Wherever you go, and whatever time of day it is, you hear the background cooing of the zebra dove. And yes, they, too, are supposed to be over there in Southeast Asia. Let’s just say that many made the trip to Hawaii – they are everywhere!

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