A Yellow Post

Two more pictures from the Dole Plantation –

A yellow hibiscus. Of course, we think of hibiscus when we think of Hawaii and the Dole Plantation had many planted on the grounds (along with other flowers.)

So pretty.

I also mentioned in my last post that we enjoyed Dole Whip.

Dole Whip is what you eat if you’re on the Dole Plantation, but also what you eat if you’re at Disneyland (so I’ve been told). The first place serving it at Disneyland was the Tiki Room which was sponsored by … Dole.

Dole.com even has a recipe for their whip. Let’s just say it’s pineapple and sugar and banana and coconut milk whipped into an ice cream consistency.

Most people get the pineapple whip, but I read it comes in six flavors. Tangy and sweet.

But enough of that. Just sitting in the sunshine at the Dole Plantation … enjoying our whip.


Ok, I might as well post the picture of the common myna bird here, too. This bird is an alien spieces from guess where? Yep! Southeast Asia and has the distinction of being of the list of the world’s worse invasive species so we won’t talk about it any more than this.


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