What is US State Code?

Classification structure

Code State Alpha code
01 Alabama AL
02 Alaska AK
04 Arizona AZ
05 Arkansas AR

What is 2 digit state code?

Two-Digit State Code Listing

State Code State Name
01 Alabama
02 Alaska
03 Arizona
04 Arkansas

What does in stand for US state?

State and Territory Abbreviations

State Standard Postal
Indiana Ind. IN
Iowa Iowa IA
Kansas Kan. KS
Kentucky Ky. KY

What is the abbreviations for all 50 states?

US State Abbreviations List

State Name USPS Abbreviation Traditional Abbreviation
Alabama AL Ala.
Alaska AK Alaska
Arizona AZ Ariz.
Arkansas AR Ark.

What is the state code for Arizona?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
Arizona AZ 04
Arkansas AR 05
California CA 06
Colorado CO 08

What is a state code for NY?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
New Mexico NM 35
New York NY 36
North Carolina NC 37
North Dakota ND 38

What is a state code for Texas?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
Texas TX 48
Utah UT 49
Vermont VT 50
Virginia VA 51

How many states are in the US?


There are fifty (50) states and Washington D.C.The last two states to join the Union were Alaska (49th) and Hawaii (50th). Both joined in 1959. Washington D.C. is a federal district under the authority of Congress. Local government is run by a mayor and 13 member city council.

What letter is not in the 50 states?

Letter Q

Thanks again for participating. Letter Q is the only letter not used in the US state names.

When did states get 2 letter abbreviations?

October 1963

To make room for the ZIP Code, state names needed to be abbreviated. The Department provided an initial list of abbreviations in June 1963, but many had three or four letters, which was still too long. In October 1963, the Department settled on the current two-letter abbreviations.

What do New York numbers start with?

New York (NY) Phone Numbers – Local Area Codes 212, 315, 347, 516, 518, 585, 607, 631, 646, 716, 718, 845, 914, 917 and 929.

What building code does New York State use?

New York State has adopted the 2003 edition of the International Building Code.

What is the best area code in New York?

(212) New York City

Instead, might we recommend the overlay codes 917, or 718? These two codes cover the five boroughs. They’re in short supply, but they are possible to acquire, unlike the elusive 212. If you want a genuine NYC number, either 917 or 718 will suit you just fine!

What is a 2 digit SIC code?

The first two digits of the SIC code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group, and the fourth digit identifies the specific industry. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a major government agency that regulates the markets. The SEC still uses SIC codes.

What is the 2 letter country code for India?


IN is the two-letter country abbreviation for India.

When did states go to 2 letter abbreviations?

In 1963, the state postal codes were formalized into two character abbreviations.

What is state code for Pennsylvania?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
Pennsylvania PA 42
Rhode Island RI 44
South Carolina SC 45
South Dakota SD 46

What is a city code?

LAW. us. (also City Code on Takeovers and Mergers) a set of rules and standards of behaviour for businesses that are buying other businesses to follow: The City Code includes standards of fairness to shareholders and an orderly framework for takeovers.